Summer campaign at Izaña

Summer is a busy time at the Izaña GAW Observatory, specially for us working in aerosols — at this time of the year, strong mineral dust events happen very often.

A view of the main building of the Izaña GAW Observatory from the roof of the Joseph M. Prospero lab. In the foreground, the head of the Beta Air Monitor operating inside the lab.

Summer campaigns to collect aerosol samples have been carried out at the Izaña GAW Observatory since 1987, starting with the research of Professor Joseph M. Prospero. All these data allows us to investigate trends in dust outbreaks, changes in its composition, and relationships with meteorological patterns.

The Joseph M. Prospero lab for the study of aerosols at the Izaña GAW Observatory. A thin dust layer partially blocks the visibility of El Teide volcano in the background.
A couple of cascade impactors used to collect aerosol samples in cellulose filters.
Measuring the flow of a high volume sampler.
A dust-laden filter — note the difference between the border (which shows the original white color of the filters as they come out from the box) and the center.
Dust accumulated in the impactor of a high volume sampler’s head.