Winter is coming!

Well, it has actually arrived, and in full strength! It has left a lot of ice at the Izaña GAW Observatory, but we got some very nice views in exchange.

The Izaña GAW Observatory from the roof of the Joseph M. Prospero lab for aerosols — compare to this photo taken the last summer

Despite the severe weather, our instruments did not experience any damage — or at least none that the staff of the Izaña GAW Observatory couldn’t fix in a week or so — and we’re now back into business.

The Joseph M. Prospero lab for the study of aerosols at the Izaña GAW Observatory in February ’18.
Ice in the head of high volume sampler.
Ice blocking the doors of the Izaña GAW Observatory.
A general view of the Izaña GAW Observatory and its surroundings in February ’18 — click for a larger view.